These FAQs and their answers form part of our Terms and Conditions when you buy a static caravan off site through Southeast Static Trader.

Please read this information carefully.

Do the caravans come with any warranty or guarantee?

No, I’m afraid not, all our offsite static caravans are “sold as seen”.

Are deposits refundable?

Unfortunately, this is not possible.

But at South East Static Trader we go the extra mile to make sure you are fully happy with your purchase. You can ask us anything you want about any type of static caravan before buying. We want you to be completely sure you’re getting what you want before committing to buy, so please feel free to get in touch with your questions.

And whilst we don’t refund deposits, we do offer transferable deposits. This means that in the event of a change of plan, deposits are fully transferable to any of our other caravans.

Do the caravans come with a gas & electric certificate?

No, I’m afraid our off-site static caravans are not sold with gas and electric certificates fully included.

However, this doesn’t mean we can’t get this done for you. We can arrange for a gas engineer and an electrician to carry out these tests. This does come at an additional cost which is competitively priced for all our customers.

Something to think about …

It’s worth bearing in mind that one of the reasons we don’t ‘include’ these tests as part of the sales package is the impact of transporting the static to your site. Because the caravan will be travelling on the back of a lorry at 56 mph, it’s always recommended that the test is carried out once your caravan is sited.

So, you might ask yourself: if it will need re-testing on delivery, would a test in our yard be value for money?

What does the delivery include?

The delivery simply includes your caravan being picked up from our yard or park and delivered to your address. Our lorry drivers will unload your caravan in the safest location they can.

After delivery, it will be down to you to either put the caravan into place yourself. Alternatively, you could hire someone to do this for you.

Can you provide a siting team to manoeuvre our caravan into position, put on axle stands and level?

Yes, we can. Our own siting team has over 10 years experience in siting caravans and offers a hassle-free, expert service. We can provide you with a free, no-obligation quote to site your caravan at your chosen site.

What if the caravan doesn't fit onto my property?

If you have ANY doubts that the caravan may not fit then I strongly recommend that you undertake a site survey.

We can arrange this for you, for a cost which is usually around £100. Our expert team will drive the route your caravan will take, to make sure there are no low bridges, trees, cables etc. They will also make sure the caravan will fit down any narrow lanes or tight turns.

Our team can also give you advice on any actions you could take to make access a lot easier. This could include actions such as temporarily removing gates and gate posts.

Please act on the advice we offer

If you are offered our advice, but when it comes to it the caravan is unable to be delivered due to failure to carry out the advice given, any costs/loss to our business will be chargeable to you.

Will I be charged if the caravan doesn’t fit and it needs to be returned?

Yes, I’m afraid you will. As the static caravan now belongs to you, you will have to pay the transport costs back to our yard or another location of your choice.

If it comes back to our yard then there will be storage fees of £20 per day. However, be reassured that to date we have always managed to agree on a refund, minus any costs to the business.

Can I use my own siting team?

Yes, of course.

How do I contact your siting team?

You can contact Chris on 01797 222 333 or 07834 702 088

Can I use my own gas engineer & electrician to test the caravan?

Of course, you can. If it helps, we also have our own if you’d like to use them.

What happens if my caravan is damaged en route to my address?

Our transport team has grown with our business and has become one of the most experienced and professional companies around. Although we are based in the South East, we transport static caravans all around the country.

Professional service, professional assurance

However, accidents do happen. In the event of problems, every case is assessed individually. We will, of course, repair and pay for any damage which is our fault.

Will all the wind down legs be working?

We aim to provide you with a caravan with all 4 legs in full working order.

However, we never replace or fix any broken legs because the caravan should NEVER be sited on its legs. The caravan should be raised off its wheels, supported by axle stands and levelled.

If you have any questions about this, including about siting your static caravan, give our expert team a call on 01797 222 333.

Can your lorry driver drive across fields to deliver the caravan?

Ideally, our drivers will not drive across fields to deliver your caravan. Going off road is a high risk for an articulated vehicle. It could result in the vehicle getting stuck, causing damage to the lorry – and even the caravan in the process.

If you are determined and can offer clear assurances in respect of likely issues, then it may be possible for our drivers to try. However, please be aware that you will be liable for any costs due to damage caused in this process. All damages will be chargeable to you.

Not sure about something? Click to contact or call on 01797 222 333 and we’ll be happy to help.

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